Foot Bath

What is A Foot Bath?

Start with hot water and add in the "Mud Mix". After a few minutes the water becomes thicker. Once the treatment is over you add in a second "Mud Release" powder which returns the mud to a more watery substance. The final step is required to simplify washing the solution from your feet. Once the treatment is complete your feet will be very smooth and smell much better too.

What are the benefits after Foot Bath?

Treat yourself to a Relaxing Mud Spa for your Feet. Our Mud Treatment combines essential ingredients to

  • Combat Foot Odor
  • Prevent General Foot Diseases
  • Stimulate and Cleanse the Circulatory System
  • Regulate the Nervous System
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Increase Metabolism and Overall Vitality
  • Healthier Spleen Function
  • Normalize Stomach Function
  • Rid you of Anti-Rheumatic Effect
  • Dispel any feelings of Fatigue allowing for a Deeper Sounder Sleep.










Which of the three treatments would you like?

Choose from the following different Mud Treatments:
Rose Crystal
Milk Crystal
Lavender Crystal

What are ingredients?

Ingredients:  Super absorbent Polymer and the essence of Radix Angelicas Saneness, Rhizome   Chuanxiong , Radix Aucklandioe, Rhizomoe Acori Calami and Folium  Artemisiae Argyietc Rose, absorbent resin, Chinese angelica root extract of Chinese medicine such as woody essence.